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The League Of The Uncanny

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July 13th, 2005

planetx @ 01:06 pm: Who Misses The League?
I do, for one.

Seeing as how I'm back in NC for a bit, and it's near my birthday, I'm feeling nostalgic for that old Uncanny goodness. It might be fun to do one of these again. I'd do it if someone volunteered to host.

Who of the old gang would show up?

March 7th, 2005

planetx @ 02:13 am: Science Is A Dangerous Beast

Maxie DollarCollapse )

Photography by Mae/blackwell/Agent X

November 4th, 2004

planetx @ 05:13 pm: What Do You After Killing The Indestructable Man?
Poll #378703 Uncanny Threat

The perfect threat for The League of the Uncanny is:

Mind controlling spiders from another dimension
Old gods
Flying Nazis
Flying Nazis with claws for feet
Evangelical Christians
Another team of adventurers, like the League, only EVIL
One of their own
The Club of Uncanny Trades
A Nazi puppet running for president
Heroes with superpowers
Giant robots
Ordinary people

Or, if you have an idea of your own...

October 11th, 2004

teranm @ 01:37 am: well here is an inked version of Just a Thorn.. but again i still need more practice...

sorry planetx.. but i dont have any skin pigment for my pens.. and the refillable one broke so im using the disposables.. now your ALBINO....heheh
But hey it was in my head and i tried..hope you like it dude.

now i will either draw another picture (cause i have one in my head) in my spare time or work on an older costume project unfinished since now i have found the proper material.. some what cheaper than the original material i was going to use. same effect. just not metallic.. or i will do both.
dont know...

August 9th, 2004

teranm @ 06:59 pm: Re: 18th Annual Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival--finalist notification

Dear filmmakers,

Each of you entered a film in this year’s Dragon*Con Film Festival. It is my distinct pleasure to inform you that your film has reached the final round and will be shown at the festival, September 3rd through 6th. The hundreds of films that were entered have been cut down to
the 50 finalists that are listed below, by screening time and category.

Judging will conclude in three weeks, and the winners will be
announced at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, the 6th, at a session hosted by George Romero and Harlan Ellison.

Sat 1 pm:

Sci Fi Comedy:The Mazinga Paradox

Sci Fi Comedy:Singularity

Sci Fi Comedy:Future Shock

come out if your going to Dcon and show your support!

August 5th, 2004

teranm @ 01:46 pm: ok im looking for someone who has space in their room at Dragon con. I got a film showing there and im looking for a piece of rug to sleep on at night for sat and sunday nights (depending on the scheduling of the film). willing to pay for part of the cost of the room.
doing the beggin pleading thing.. poor college student, looking for a room. just want to be there to support MY FILM!
any takers?
*graveling on the ground, eating gravel*

July 12th, 2004

theinnocence @ 11:57 am: log in for next party info

July 9th, 2004

teranm @ 03:00 pm: Jack stares at the straw underneath his feet.
"What is wrong with me"
"Nothing is wrong," replies Jack's father. "Your just frightened. The first time is always the scariest." Jack stands up and addresses the cow. "But I didn't want to kill him. And the fight was unfair. You wounded him before you put him in the arena."
His father approaches him. "Jack, it was training. Your not fully strong yet. One day you will be, but till then I'm not putting a full grown giant in there with you."
"You're missing the point da. You wounded it for our entertainment. I heard the cheers from the crowd." Jacks father walks up to him and puts his hands on his shoulders. " Son you don't think that the Giants revel in the pain and suffering they cause us. I've seen them thrust us in pits against jaglurs and even against ourselves. That was training for you. Training for when we go after them."
Jack jerks away from his dad. "It might've been training, but it didn't feel right...I liked killing him father. I enjoyed hearing their praise" Jack turns his back to his father with tears in his eyes. " I don't want to be a monster like them."
His father stands up. " You won't. Sometimes you have to accept survival as the only answer. With survival comes a choice; your life or theirs. By choosing your own over something that wants to take it doesn't make you a monster. What makes you the monster is your intent. If it is wanton and without regard then you need to take heed of the path.. But if it was just and with concerns for more than yourself, then there is no wrong."
Jack whirls on his father. "Don't give me that speech da. You know a lot of bad things in our past that happened in the name of justice. What makes our situation any different?" Jacks father looks at his son. "Nothing, but the fact that we want to survive. You don't think that if the Giants knew we were here they wouldn't hesitate to wipe us out, destroy the town or make slaves of us.
They wouldn't bat an eyelash with that kind of decision." Jack's father shakes his head and begins to leave. " Maybe your mother was right. Your still too young for the trials." He pauses at the door to the barn and looks back at Jack. Young Jack is still turned with his back to his father. His father breaths in and then walks off down the stone path into the evening air.
The cow moos at Jack who is now crying.

Read more...Collapse )

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July 8th, 2004

planetx @ 01:58 am: It Just Fell Out Of My Head
It’s amazing. Tell yourself you’re not going to work on a LotU comic, and what happens? Your brain writes one anyway, not caring a bit. Ah well….

I’ve approached the comic as if I was writing a LotU movie, trying to introduce the characters as efficiently as possible. So this is the second scene in the “movie,” following the action-packed opening involving Constance North, Zebulon Gone, a sacred gem, a hidden Buddhist temple, and beams of destruction from airborne Nazis. Immediately after this scene is an OCEAN’S ELEVEN-style gathering of our heroes, but that’s neither here nor there.

SCENE—Fancy society ball. It’s a large-scale extravaganza of a party, full of movie stars, millionaires, politicians and other such luminaries. MAXIE DOLLAR is there, looking bored and uncomfortable. He’s dressed in a tuxedo, like everyone else, but the sleeves of his shirt are stained with motor oil, and his jacket and pants need to be pressed. He doesn’t look slovenly, just that he got dressed at the last minute, in a garage. Around his neck are a rather bulky pair of goggles, that he forgot to take off when he arrived, and is now pretending they are a part of his outfit.

You’re quite the mystery man, Maximillian Dollar.

DOLLAR turns and sees DEADLINE DELAINE. DEADLINE has taken a great deal more effort in her a appearance than DOLLAR, and looks ravishing in a simple black dress and long gloves. She’s wearing no jewelry, preferring instead to display her press-pass like a pedant, toying with it like some girls might a string of pearls

Oh? One would think that to Margaret Delaine, Phantom City’s star reporter would have had me all figured out.

I know you’re a dashing and innovative businessman, whos planes have managed to break every aviation speed record worth noting. Though I’m at a loss as to what you’re going to do next.

I’m going to ask how you knew I was dashing.

I didn’t. Until now.

DOLLAR blushes.

This is hardly your beat, isn’t it? Or is there some sort of murder going on that I didn’t notice? Are you being punished for you Pulitzer?

No, I requested this assignment.

Why, whatever for?

Because I knew you’d be here.

DOLLAR strides to the French doors that lead to the balcony, tossing his coat on the floor as he goes.

Fancy an adventure, then?

What do you have up your sleeve, Mr. Dollar?

Funny you should phrase it like that…

DOLLAR rolls down his right sleeve, revealing some sort of cable gun strapped to his arm. He points to a skyscraper across the street. Though the balcony they are on is several stories up, the skyscraper towers above them.

Do you know how that building is?

No…only that it’s the Bracer Building, so it’s the tallest in Phantom City.

Ever been to the top?

DOLLAR places his goggles over his eyes and adjusts the lenses. DEADLINE looks a little uneasy.



You’re crazy, Mr. Dollar.

Miss Delaine, I come to these sort of parties without expecting to meet anyone. My lack of sanity has never been in question.

DOLLAR hold out his hand

What I’m asking is, are you as crazy as I am?Collapse )

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